The Xenopod

The Xenopod was a podcast presented by TAKE ONE where my co-host Jim Ross and I watched and analysed all the Alien franchise films in release order. Full episode details are available on TAKE ONE at and references for each episode are stored in a Zotero collection. The Xenopod is also on Bluesky at and 𝕏 at @TheXenopod.

You Are Being Unreasonable

With my partner, Helen Sulis Bowie, I co-hosted and produced the popular comedy podcast, You Are Being Unreasonable, in which we examined the strange culture of Mumsnet’s Am I Being Unreasonable forum. The archive of You Are Being Unreasonable is available on a wide variety of podcast platforms including Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. In 2018, the Anchor team named us one of their favourite podcasts of the year.

For a taste of the podcast, please enjoy our sampler episode on our YouTube channel.

guest appearances

I have appeared as a contributing film critic on the film review podcast and radio show, Cinetopia. The Cinetopia podcast reviews the latest UK cinema releases (slanted towards arthouse cinema), and interviews with film professionals. Cinetopia is a organisation aiming to make film and filmmaking more approachable and diverse within Edinburgh and beyond.

This list of podcast guest appearances is auto-generated from my Zotero library using the Zotero API.

Rogers, Amanda. 2024. March 2024: Dune Part II & Do Not Expect Too Much from The End of the World Reviews, plus Glasgow Film Festival 2024 Coverage and Interview with John Archer, Director of Janey, Cinetopia <>
Black, A. J. 2024. DOUBLE FEATURE: The Witches (1990) & Matilda (1996), At the Movies in the 90s <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2024. February on EHFM: AMERICAN FICTION, THE ZONE OF INTEREST, and OCCUPIED CITY plus an Interview with Martin Benchimol, Director of THE CASTLE, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2024. Jan 2024 on EHFM: Reviews of POOR THINGS, PRISCILLA, and SCALA!!! Plus an Interview with Rowen Henderson from The Film Cult, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2023. October on EHFM 2023: London Film Festival Coverage and Interview with Paul Bruce, Director of Edinburgh Short Film Festival and Actor Jamie Robson by Cinetopia Radio, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2023. September 2023 on EHFM: Reviews of FREMONT, PAST LIVES, EL CONDE, and BROTHER plus an Interview with SMOKE SAUNA SITERHOOD Director Anna Hints, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2023. March 2023 on EHFM: Glasgow Film Festival Special, Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival & Save Filmhouse Campaign, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2023. January 2023 on EHFM: Reviews of Tar, Enys Men, Saint Omer, EO and an Interview with Sean Lìonadh, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2022. December on EHFM 2022: Reviews of Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio, Decision to Leave, Nanny, and Troll, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2022. November 2022 on EH-FM: The Banshees of Inisherin, The Oil Machine, and Causeway, Cinetopia <>
Owen, Dan, and Hugh McStay. 2022. 30 Days of Night with Simon Bowie, Vampire Videos <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2022. May 2022 on EH-FM: Everything Everywhere All at Once, Between Two Worlds, Dr. Strange, Emergency, and The Innocents, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2022. March 2022 on EH-FM: Glasgow Film Festival Special, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2022. January 2022 on EH-FM: Licorice Pizza, Memoria, The Souvenir Part II, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2021. November 2021 on EH-FM: Spencer, Dune, Petite Maman, The Power of the Dog, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2021. September 2021 on EH-FM: Annette, Rose Plays Julie, Gagarine and The Last Forest, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2021. May 2021 on EH-FM: First Cow, The Woman in the Window, Some Kind of Heaven, The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be Quiet, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2021. April 2021 on EH-FM: Oscars, Promising Young Woman, Sound of Metal, Nomadland, Black Bear, Cinetopia <>
Rogers, Amanda. 2021. March 2021 on EH-FM: Palm Springs, Judas And The Black Messiah, The Columnist, and Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time, Cinetopia <>
WREK Atlanta. 2020. Open as a Process, Lost in the Stacks <>