I am a qualified librarian with a Master’s degree in Library and Information Management from Manchester Metropolitan University. For many years, I worked in systems librarianship with expertise in designing search and discovery interfaces for libraries and cultural institutions, designing systems integrations linking library systems to other IT systems, working with bibliographic or archival metadata, software development against library system APIs, and enhancing data security in libraries. My speaking on digital privacy and encryption in librarianship has helped inform the practice of several library services and the Carnegie UK Trust. In 2012, I was awarded an SLA Europe Early Career Conference Award specifically the Diane K. Foster International Student Travel Award sponsored by the Science-Technology Division.


I am an editor for the Journal of Radical Librarianship, an open access journal publishing high quality, rigorously reviewed and innovative scholarly work in the field of radical and critical librarianship. I am also the server administrator for the journal’s Open Journal Systems site.


For many years, I campaigned on behalf of UK public libraries including as part of the advocacy group, Voices for the Library. The group promoted the value of the UK’s public libraries, presented the stories and views of library users and librarians, and protested the extensive public library closures planned by local councils in the UK.

publications and presentations

This list of publications and presentations is auto-generated from my Zotero library using the Zotero API.

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