I work in open source software development in UK Higher Education having previously worked in IT and librarianship for many years. I am an experienced solutions architect and a full-stack LAMP developer (Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, and Python/PHP) with working knowledge of Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS with some experience of Perl, Java, and C#.

major projects

Open Book Futures (2023-05 to present): Open Book Futures is a project to significantly expand key infrastructures created by Copim to achieve a step change in how community-owned open access book publishing is delivered. As part of this project, I am maintaining some project infrastructure and developing new experimental book publishing applications.

Copim (2020-08 to 2023-04): Copim was a project to build community-owned, open systems and infrastructures for open access book publishing. As part of the Copim project, I contributed to Work Package 6 on experimental book publishing by developing new web applications and solutions for experimental pilot projects and for the Experimental Publishing Compendium. I also maintained the project’s infrastructure of Linux-based open source applications including the website, version control platform, and online document storage and collaboration platform.

Soas Library Systems Replacement (2014-09 to 2015-07): In 2011, the Bloomsbury Library Management System consortium came together to discuss their shared need for new, next-gen library management systems. As a result of these discussions, Soas Library pursued a project to replace its legacy, proprietary library systems with next-gen open source replacements. I worked on a project team to implement VuFind as a library catalogue and discovery system, OLE as a library management system, and SobekCM as a digital asset management system.



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onion service version of this website

graphing my carbon usage

remixing D. H. Lawrence's novel Lady Chatterley's Lover using public domain characters

displaying when my local trains are

generating a random heist story from Wikidata

picking a random flavour of tea

generating a random poem

generating a random poem based on dialogue from Twin Peak's Invitation to Love

@EveryDune, a Twitter bot tweeting the name of a random character from Frank Herbert's Dune everyday


ITIL Foundation certification in IT Service Management

Intermediate Certification in Enterprise & Solution Architecture

Practitioner Certification in Enterprise & Solution Architecture

experience as a PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner

publications and presentations

This list of publications and presentations is auto-generated from my Zotero library using the Zotero API.

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